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Hi, I’m Max Benefit, and I power an award-winning ChatBot for Midwest Life Brokerage. You’re here because you’re a forward-thinking life insurance agent, who leverages technology to sell more life insurance in your practice.

These days, clients can procure life insurance quotes and information from anywhere — other insurance agents, the internet, direct-to-client carriers, and other ancillary businesses like mortgage companies, banks, or accounting firms.

My job is to make sure when your client goes to your website, we can simply offer them a life insurance quote, as well as the opportunity to apply for coverage — all without ever leaving your insurance agency’s home page!

For more information, you can request a DEMO at the top of this page. If you’re ready to get your own ChatBot for your agency, please click “Get YOUR ChatBot”, and we’ll have your ChatBot ready in 24 hours or less.


Mike W.

KS - You are the best. A bright, shining star in the biz. I'm proud of you and honored to be your friend and agent

Karen M.

The ChatBot is awesome and just what i was looking for - I'm sending off to our IT Dept for Implementation!

Gary D.

Thanks, Kris! Your system looks great, and we use it everyday!

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